Accomplishments Since Taking Office:

  • I have never voted to raise taxes.
  • I fight on the Planning & Development Committee for your property rights, and to say yes to development in the county.  And we must start saying yes to development more often, instead of always finding reasons to say no.
  • I do my best to bring common sense, real life business experience, and the truth to the table at all discussions, and see everything through the lens of our founding principles and liberty.

What have Madison County republicans been doing since we took over in November 2016?

Prior to November it was 19 democrats, to 10 republicans, with a democrat chairman. Now it’s 15 republicans, to 14 democrats, with a republican chairman. We’re nowhere near perfect, and it is harder to get republicans to agree than I expected, but look what republicans have accomplished for you, regardless.

  • Remember the jail project? It hasn’t begun yet. It was originally set to be $18.7 million plus interest, which would have been approximately $27 million total. Because of republicans standing up, and petitioners going to work to get signatures, we were able to beat it back to $9 million. They tried to get it back to $12.2 million and we beat it back to $9 mil again. Now, it looks like we will come in at around $6 million, because we now control the project.
  • The county was about to spend $5.2 mil on the courthouse, which included a $2.2 mil air conditioning system. We are now going to come in at around $300 thousand for the new air conditioning system, and scrapping the rest of the project.
  • Republicans & petitioners also got a $1.5 mil tax cut onto the ballot in November 2016, but the democrats fought it hard. They even formed a special commission to kill the signatures, at an expense of $30,000, to the taxpayers of course. You voted the tax cut in. It passed. Congratulations!

There is much more to follow, but with these three items alone, since we took over in November 2016, the savings is about $10.5 million dollars. In my 4.5 years there, republicans have saved you $28.5 million on these three items alone. Every democrat voted yes to the full price of the jail, and would have voted yes on the courthouse, as they unanimously passed the engineering cost at full price.

More savings to come. I am hoping we can soon get to the point where we can reduce the county portion of your tax bill further, and am also hoping to influence other local taxing bodies to reduce as well. There are something like 12 or 13 taxing bodies hitting our tax bills, depending where you live in the county. Each district is a little different. Your money is a big part of your liberty, and should be protected and spent cautiously and wisely by your government.

  • On top of the $1.5 million tax cut you voted in, we just recently passed the new budget, and lowered it another $1.7 million.  So make that total savings $30 million!  But there are so many other ways we are saving, that is difficult to calculate.  We are working for you.

I Will Stand Against Judicial Corruption

The asbestos docket, medical malpractice, personal injury, and class action lawsuits from out of state, have long since caused local medical malpractice insurance for local doctors, and liability insurance for local businesses to skyrocket. That makes for a hostile business climate in our area, has caused many doctors to leave the area, and may be a major factor in companies deciding not to locate here, or in deciding to move away from here. My last doctor included. Medical malpractice insurance rates now average $100,000 per year for a doctor.  In addition to these judicial problems, are workman compensation lawsuits. While many of these suits are legitimate, many are also potentially fraudulent.  In fact, the recent documentary “Injustice” claims that in the cases that are flagged for investigation, 70% of them are found to be fraudulent. That is staggering, and it also raises the cost of workman compensation insurance for employers, who are required to pay for this insurance, or pay a much larger fine. This is another example of our court system being used to hurt business.

In addition to these judicial issues, we have another major issue.  There are several law firms and trial lawyers in the area, that give campaign contributions to sitting judges.  Later, these same contributors argue court cases in front of these same judges.  This is a clear conflict of interest.  With these practices, could another attorney that had not made campaign contributions, compete against one who did, in front of one of these judges? I will work with other board members to work toward solutions for these problems. This is a major concern for anyone who has a court case here, and as well as for Madison County government itself, as it ultimately impedes your freedom to a fair trial.

The latest attempt at a new cash cow, is the Opioid Industry.  The State’s Attorney, along with a local major law firm, are attempting to sue opioid manufacturers, when they are not the people in charge of prescribing these drugs.  Suing is the wrong thing to do.  In America, the police investigate suspected wrongdoing, and if necessary, press charges, and prosecute.  We do not begin with lawsuits.  All this will do is raise the drug costs, which will, in turn, along with the cost of litigation, raise the costs of insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.  it’s the wrong way, and I am prepared to fight this new initiative.

I humbly ask for your vote this November 2018.

Thank you! -Mick