A Short Introduction To Mick – January 2018

I am a husband and a father of two from Bethalto, and am expecting our first grand daughter in May. I have lived in Madison County my entire life.  I am a Republican that believes in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and our founding principles.  I know the less than stellar reputation our county has developed, and for the past 5 years, have fought to change that, and to try to make the county run more like a business, respect people’s liberty, and spend taxpayer money wisely, and efficiently.  I am not afraid to stand up for our founding principles, and do it quite often.  When I was first elected in November 2012, I was told by some of the other board members that it was our job to protect the county.  Protect it from lawsuits and the like.  However, what I noticed was the difference I had with many others, on what the definition of “The County” really was.   Many people there believe it is the county body itself, the elected officials, and the workers.  That’s not my definition of the county.  My definition of the county is the citizens that make up the county.  It’s my job to protect them from the county body itself, from harmful ordinances, high taxes, lawsuits,wasteful spending, and all these things that harm their liberty.  Those are our founding principles, and the more you keep from the fruits of your labor, the better your chances are to live out your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness the way you want. Your American dream.

The democrat party has become the party of big government – not the little guy.  I see it every day.  I want everyone to have the best chance of success, especially the little guy!  It is not helpful when we are all hit with fees, high taxes, and new rules, at every turn.  We are all working too many days per year to pay our taxes today.  Illinois has the highest property taxes in the Country.  All property tax money goes to local government bodies, not to the State.  My goal is to keep eliminating waste wherever I see it, and get the county’s portion of your tax bill down, lower and lower.  I have already been involved in savings to taxpayers of at least $30 million dollars in my five years, even in the super minority on the board for four years, and I have my eyes on millions more right now.  I will continue to challenge the status quo.

Five years ago, I had never been a politician, and I did not plan on becoming one either.  But I just could not sit in my home and watch my property taxes and corporate liability expenses, fees, and over-reaching rules spiral out of control any longer. I decided to stop whining about it, and put my money where my mouth is, and fight for what I believe is right. If you support that type of initiative, then please vote Mick Madison for Madison County Board (District 5) this November!

Thank you for taking the time!

– Mick